Chris Blurton, Music Teacher at Haytor View Primary School, Newton Abbott, reviews Charanga Music World

“When teaching children to play a musical instrument, the biggest challenge is encouraging them to practise. Children will come up with all manner of excuses to avoid practice! The Charanga Music World programme has actually motivated my pupils to practise at home. The online resource includes interactive music-related games and quizzes to keep them engaged and help them progress with their learning.

“Music World enables the pupils to create their own Avatars and earn coins when they complete a new level. The computer gaming element is familiar to young people and is a great way for them to grasp the technical aspects of music such as notation, scales and instrument technique.

“I am also able to upload lesson plans to the programme, which means pupils can go over what they learnt in the lesson and continue practising their pieces of music in between lessons. The module for guitar is particularly useful and includes various ability levels, giving pupils goals and objectives to work towards.

“It is a comprehensive resource that supports 24 instruments including guitar, keyboard, ukulele and violin and is a great enhancement to music education in primary schools. I would definitely recommend Charanga Music World for individual and small group tuition. It is really easy to use and in addition to making music practice fun for pupils, it can give generalist teachers the confidence to teach music.”

Music World – providing online learning and practising for children aged 7-12

Charanga Music World is suitable for pupils aged 7-12. It is provided free to children if their Instrumental Teacher is involved in the Charanga Music World Professional programme run by their local Music Education Hub. It is also provided free to children if their primary school is engaging with their local Music Hub’s Charanga Musical School programme or Charanga Music Coach. Over 60 Hubs in England run these programmes in partnership with Charanga.