Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Personalised learning in a digital world

Charanga and Awards for Young Musicians are developing a powerful online tool to support young people’s independent learning and progression; a resource that is being piloted by teachers, learners, music services, and hubs across the country.

In the coming months, recruiting new students and helping others make up for lost time will be key. Using our ILP tool, teachers and students will be able to explore a wide range of musical activities together, and set goals and targets based on each student’s interests and needs.

To find out more or to contribute, email or telephone (07793) 503907.

Project overview: Phase 1

The video below demonstrates how the first stage of our online ILP works. Once given access to Yumu, learners can securely access any materials and information shared with them by their teacher. They can then create an online ILP together.

Photo © Edward Webb

Project overview: Phase 2

The next phase of our project has 2 distinct parts:

  1. Adding more features to Yumu to support young people’s independent learning and progression – for example, showcasing local music-making opportunities, live music and arts activities or enabling young people to record their own music using YuStudio, Charanga’s online music studio.
  2. Making the ILP tool work across a wider range of settings – supporting and promoting individual, small group instrumental or whole class ensemble teaching, home learning, and more.

Find out more

If your hub is on AYM’s Furthering Talent programme, the new online ILP will already be available to your teachers.

For those not on the programme, but interested in trying out the resource, we’re looking for one or two teachers in each hub to put it through its paces. Email or telephone (07793) 503907.

Regular updates will also be published on Charanga’s website and social media pages.

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