As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers, we were so touched by It’s OK (Please Just Say) that we had to share it – with our teaching community and with anyone else to use in any way they choose, free until the end of this term. 

COVID-19 has had a serious effect on the mental health of many children and young people. We know that keeping negative thoughts locked away or bottled up can lead to poor mental health and that this can become a barrier for students’ learning and well-being. So the main aim of this heart-warming song and video project is to encourage students to talk about their feelings and to focus on positive thoughts and actions when feeling anxious, worried or sad.

Although presented in six lessons or steps, you can use Susan and Adam Sinclair’s (OneMoreSong) project as flexibly as you like – perhaps linking to PSHE or other curriculum areas. It offers students a wealth of opportunities, including learning to sing and sign the full song, to compose their own lyrics or to create a class video. In each step, you’ll find a number of resources that can be used with the lesson plans provided. Support and guidance is also offered to you on-screen.

The project can be shared via Yumu (the children’s area of the platform) to allow students to access all of the materials between lessons too. Teachers who are new to Charanga, or less familiar with Yumu, need only follow three steps to get started or can contact us directly. See more information about Musical School.

We hope It’s Ok (Please Just Say) will be of use to you and we’d love to see your video if you choose to create one – please share them with us