After many months of consultation with our community of education partners, teachers and students, and development work from Charanga’s talented educational technology team, we are delighted to be launching Yumu – a new online area in the Charanga platform for children and young people.

Charanga Yumu and Charanga Music World – what’s the difference?

Everyone who has used the Charanga platform in recent years, will be familiar with Music World and its avatars and colourful beginner instrumental courses for 24 instruments. With over 200,000 children having used Music World in the past 4 years, you may wonder why we are changing things?

In our consultations, while teachers have been positive about Music World, they’ve also asked us to do more.


  • To extend the age range of children and young people for whom the Charanga platform’s student area is appropriate.
  • To make it more open ended musically, and no longer focused just on beginner instrumental learning.
  • To make it easier for teachers to share their own resources with students.
  • To make it easier to share some of the premium resources from the Charanga platform such as Fiddle Time, Take-off! and Blown Away with students.
  • To extend the badges and coins reward system beyond Music World and across everything that students work on online between lessons including teachers’ own materials.

Some young people have told us that they found the environment too young for their age and that they wanted to be able to pursue wider musical interests beyond playing instruments.

Yumu is our response.

Age range

Yumu has a much more age-neutral graphical interface suitable for all children and young people aged 6-16. Music World was squarely focused on 6-9 so Yumu represents a significant change.

Musical activities, materials from wider sources  

Yumu is now 100% flexible in the areas of music-making it can support, with equal weighting given to all musical activities. Whether you want to share some of your own or Charanga’s learning resources with your WCET class or junior windband or share your ‘Creating a Grime Track’ videos with your older students, Yumu is a quick and easy way to do it.

Yumu student access practicalities

If you have any type of teacher-level access to the Charanga platform via our range of popular programmes such as Musical School, Music Professional, Charanga for International Schools, your students can access Yumu, free of charge.

When you log in, simply go to the My Workspace tab and select My Student Groups. Here you can create groups of students or individuals to whom you wish to grant Yumu access. Once you’ve created the group you can select which materials you wish them to access.

These can be any combination of the following:

  • Your own lessons or units – these can contain your own or Charanga resources, or a mix of both.
  • Yumu packages – these are pre-made packages of high-value resources aimed at specific areas of learning or musical activity.
  • Timed assignments containing any of the above.

At any point you can monitor your students’ Yumu activity and offer further personalised support as required.

What happens to my existing students using Music World?

Your students can still log in with their existing login details and will still be able to access what they could access before. It will though, be in a Yumu environment rather than the Music World one.

It’s important to us that the Music World courses that were available previously, will continue to be available, so we are making these into Yumu packages. This means you will still be able to set up student groups and provide access to the Music World courses, it’s just that now, you can do much more.

Our ambition for Yumu

Through Music World in the past few years, we have seen how effective it can be to enable children to access independent learning online. We have also proven the value of linking access to teachers and learnt how to make it work on a very large scale.

Our ambition for Yumu is to take this experience and widen access to all children and young people so that regardless of their circumstances, everyone can use it to help pursue their musical interests.

Whether you are a school or an instrumental teacher wishing to support students with online music learning; a music hub wanting to support young people and help guide them through all the rich progression routes on offer locally; or whether you are running projects to support young people in challenging circumstances outside of school, the Charanga platform with Yumu is a simple and effective way to make it happen.

In the coming weeks we will be announcing exciting new collaborations around Yumu and we are always interested in hearing about any new projects that seek to promote inclusion and improve the lives of young people through music.

If you have any questions with regard to Yumu, don’t hesitate to contact us on or 01273 823900.