Many teachers in England have asked us about the DfE’s non-statutory Model Music Curriculum, and whether we’ll be doing anything differently following its release. Yes is the short answer, and here’s an overview of what we’re doing.

Fulfilling all the requirements of the statutory National Curriculum for Music, our current, award-winning Scheme will remain unchanged to provide continuity for teachers who love using it.

Those interested in exploring the DfE’s non-statutory Model Music Curriculum, or simply looking for new resources and repertoire for their school, can follow our new MMC Scheme – a Scheme aligned to the listening, notation, skills and year-by-year progression pathway of the DfE’s MMC.

Teachers will soon have the option of building their own bespoke Scheme using our new Scheme builder feature. Using the tool, you’ll be able to edit existing Charanga lessons and units, upload your own materials, or mix and match the two. Once completed, you can share your bespoke Scheme with your Scheme builder feature.

Autumn units for the MMC Scheme are now live on our platform. Our Scheme builder feature will be ready shortly. To support their planning, subscribers can log in to view a timeline – accessible via the Musical School homepage and the Help section.

Charanga’s MMC Scheme

The Scheme will include:

  • 216 new lessons for KS1–2 with full planning, progression and assessment support
  • New on-screen resources for every lesson 
  • Over 100 new songs
  • New guided listening activities for the model’s suggested repertoire
  • New on-screen apps to help generalist classroom teachers teach music notation and composition
  • Comprehensive teacher training videos for every Unit of Work, and free webinars






The right Scheme for you?
You know what’s best for the children in your school. We’re simply providing a choice of three outstanding Schemes at no extra cost.

So whether you’re new to music teaching or a specialist, we, along with our music hub partners, remain committed to giving you all that you need to teach music confidently, professionally, and with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us at We’re here to help.

Accessing Charanga
If you’re new to Charanga, start a 30-day complimentary trial to explore our platform in full. There’s no obligation to subscribe afterwards and we won’t take any payment details.

About Charanga
Nearly 50,000 teachers use Charanga’s online platform to help them teach music – Musical School programme being the curriculum of choice for 62.5% of primary schools in England. Charanga has a reputation for providing modern and relevant music curricula and CPD and training that, together, boost music in schools. 2.5m students in 62 countries enjoy Charanga-supported music lessons every week.