Grown Resources

VIP Studio Sessions – the award-winning secondary music education platform from Charanga – is proud to give young musicians the chance to perform, reimagine and remix tracks from the critically acclaimed Grown: A Grime Opera.

Written by VIP’s own Max Wheeler and Grime MC, Eyez, the piece combines Grime and Classical styles in an innovative way – all of which created a real media buzz when first performed by the Essex Youth Orchestra in July 2017.

VIP schools are now invited to perform, interpret and put their own spin on the pieces, supplied in our Students’ section (login required), as full scores with backing tracks, audio stems and a video guide on how to remix the tracks!

Resources on VIP

Our guides also show students how to write their own lyrics, allowing you to create content specific to your school or area, engaging rappers, producers and orchestral players.

You can also check out the resources in our Make Beats section about working with Push and Ableton Live software to get you started with live electronic performance.

Other upcoming highlights at VIP HQ include a range of resources about working with instrumental players to create hybrid ensembles, bringing together technology and live sounds. We’re also looking at ways to use them to support GCSE performance. Watch this space!

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