Charanga will be running a Music Mark (previously NAME and FMS) conference workshop in November entitled:

Boosting quality between lessons – how to double the amount children practise!

To reflect on the real life outcomes from an Instrumental Teacher and Music Service management perspective, Chuck Lloyd from Oxfordshire Music Service will describe his experiences of using Music World with all his beginner students.

Doubling children’s practice time is quite a claim! Charanga believes that this can be backed up with real world experience and here’s a bit more detail about the workshop.

The quality of what happens between children’s instrumental lessons can have as much effect on their progress as the quality of the lessons themselves. Last year, 25 Music Services and Hubs with over 500 participating teachers provided a total of over 26,000 children with access to Charanga Music World online learning for 22 different instruments. The aim was to boost children’s learning in the early stages and help parents/carers to support their children as they began their musical journey.

The session is on at 12 noon on Friday 15 November 2013 at the Music Mark conference, entitled “Raising the Bar – the highest quality music education for all”  at the Manchester Central. The conference runs on the 15 and 16 November.

Mark Burke from Charanga will introduce the session and outline the thinking behind the development of Music World and experiences of widening access even further this year.

See Conference Programme.