During these unprecedented times, we all might have to think differently about how we teach. Those using the Charanga platform are increasingly adopting Yumu to support their pupils’ music-making and learning outside their classrooms.

Teaching online using our platform can serve as a great alternative or useful addition to your usual teaching method, but it’s something that may require some extra planning and thought! To get you up and running quickly, Madeleine Casson, our Education Director, has created the following step-by-step guide for teachers.  

Top tips when using the Charanga platform

  1. Once logged in, visit our help section or watch this video to give your students access to Yumu so that they can continue to learn between lessons (free trials are available ).
  2. Set and share clear guidelines with them from the outset.
  3. Skype, Zoom and other programmes provide excellent services for video calls, but remember that you’ll always be at the mercy of your internet connection speed, and those of your students! 
  4. Whatever your preferred programme, test it thoroughly in advance. The Charanga team uses Whereby, for example, as we know that it works well with the Google Chrome web browser. 
  5. When teaching online, there’s an even greater need to communicate clearly. 
  6. Bear in mind that the traditional model of teaching often revolves around strict lesson times. Online learning can and often needs to be much more flexible

Getting prepared to teach online

  1. Create your lesson resources using Charanga’s lesson and unit building functions. 
  2. Explore Charanga’s Yumu Packages – specially curated resources for your students to use at home.
  3. Feel free to upload and add your own resources into the mix! 
  4. Share your lesson, or an edited version of it, with your students through Yumu, so they can continue to work on it in preparation for their next lesson.
  5. Remember that the pace of learning online often lies in the hands of your students. 

Effective communication 

  1. Before getting started, you will need to decide how best to communicate with the parent/carer/school – be it via the school’s usual communication channels or by email.
  2. Explain exactly where, how and when you will share a link to your resources with your students between one lesson and the next. 
  3. During your initial lesson, you may well also want the student to have a parent/carer on hand to support them. 

Setting up 

  1. Avoid any delays at the start of a lesson by setting out your expectations in advance. 
  2. To maximise your time, have your students warm up on their instrument before the lesson starts, for example.
  3. Have your device (laptop, tablet etc) somewhere where it is easy to see and you can sit or stand comfortably.

As always, our expert team is on hand to support you. You can reach us on +44 (0)1273 823 900 or by emailing info@charanga.com.