A Teacher Edition of Charanga Music World will soon be available. It will enable any teacher to give access to the fantastic interactive resources to their students, so supporting their tuition and encouraging more practice between lessons.

The resource contains hundreds of activities, including pieces, with on-screen graphics showing where to play notes (this can be turned off if desired), varied backing tracks, practice tempo, looping and recording functions, musical quizzes, games, videos and so much more.

At just £20, it will include access for the teacher of course, as well as two licences for students to access the resource online at home. A teacher could pass the costs on to the student just as is done with music books. Extra licences for students can be bought at £10 each – again, the cost of which can be passed on to students, perhaps with a little extra added on as is done by many teachers with music books.

The instruments catered for in the initial launch are:

Violin, viola, clarinet, flute, recorder, baritone horn/euphonium, tenor horn (Eb), trombone (treble and bass clefs), trumpet/cornet, classical guitar, electric guitar.

The level range is from beginner to about initial/preliminary/Grade 1.

Up until the launch of the new Charanga Music World Teacher Edition, Music World has been accessible as part of Charanga Music World Professional, Charanga Musical School or Charanga Music Coach and has been available through Music Service Hubs/Services and schools. When the Teacher Edition is launched, any Instrumental Teacher will be able to provide the resource for his or her students at very low cost.

There will be 10 stages for students to explore in the new World, each with a huge amount of activities, pieces, etc. Currently there are three stages.

For teachers with Professional, Musical School and Music Coach, Music World will still be available through those programmes.

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