Three Music Services/Hubs have recently added Charanga teaching and learning resources as part of their educational provision: Luton Music Service, Bird College Music Service in Bexley, and the Greater Manchester Music Hub.

Dave Little, of the Wigan Music Service, on behalf of the Greater Manchester Music Hub, said:

“Among the nine music services within the GM Music hub there was great enthusiasm for working together to consolidate existing arrangements which services already had with Charanga to develop a shared format for the digital learning sites across Greater Manchester.

“The people at Charanga are fantastic to work with and are impressively informed where it comes to organisational transformation in music education. Charanga have been really helpful in ensuring that the interactive learning resource offer is presented in a way which allows schools in the region to identify with the hub and the quality assurance it strives to provide.

“In regard to this, the hub is proud to have Charanga as one of its delivery partners. We believe that the quality of the Charanga content is unsurpassed in the music digital learning market and the hub feels that it is able to offer a very high quality package to its schools at a bargain price.

“Across the hub region, we expect to see the resources being used in very different ways by different sectors of the music education workforce, but whether a colleague is a classroom practitioner, instrumental teacher or a teaching assistant and whether or not they are a trained musician, Charanga content will open up a world of practical ideas, possibilities and activities with the power to transform music lessons for the young people with whom they work.

“We are delighted that this new arrangement with Charanga will make these high quality digital resources available to every school and practitioner in the region under the banner of the Greater Manchester Music Hub.”

Since September, 12 new Music Services have started using Charanga with now over 70 using the resources.