Exciting Opportunity!!

The Charanga Musical School programme is transforming the way music is taught in our primary schools for both pupils and teachers, with hundreds of UK primary schools signing up each month. In order to maintain our level of commitment and support we are initially drawing together a new panel of freelance Registered Trainers to run CPD & Training sessions in schools.

This is a truly unique and exciting opportunity and offers a way into a fast-growing exciting music education company at the forefront of digital technology and new pedagogy.

The application process is online but all candidates must have previous experience of working in a classroom (eg as Classroom Teacher or whole class Instrumental Teacher) plus experience of using Charanga resources.

PLEASE NOTE Applications closed on July 18th 2014.


Charanga Musical School is a cloud-based resource that brings together great music, modern pedagogy and the latest educational technology. It supports all aspects of music in school including the new music curriculum, as well as providing children and their families with opportunities to continue learning and exploring music at home through Music World.

Please see Musical School for more details.