Charanga Sing is a brand new teaching resource aimed at encouraging everyone to sing more!

Extensive research has shown the undeniably positive impact singing has on emotional, physical and mental well-being. This is the reason why singing features so highly in music curricula and on educational agendas – as well as simply being a great thing to do!

Forming part of Charanga’s award-winning suite of programmes, Charanga Sing contains a growing bank of over 500 songs presented in a way that is intuitive to use whether by vocal specialists, confident singers or those just keen to encourage more singing every day.

There are songs for all occasions, songs for all ages and songs for all groupings from soloists to massed choirs. The repertoire covers a wide range of styles, cultures and purposes with each one carefully picked to be included in the song bank. Charanga Sing’s easy-to-use search and browse facility allows you to find appropriate songs quickly and simply.

The teaching resources comprise video tutorials, an on-screen learn to sing the song app with a unique tempo-control feature enabling teachers to choose the perfect practice speed. There are also backing tracks with or without lead vocals, lyric sheets, performance ideas and additional detailed information. No limit applies to the number of times a song can be used on or offline or to the amount of printed copies.

The Vocal Coach video tutorial section provides a fascinating insight into the importance of vocal health. Using the expertise of Kim Chandler (internationally-acclaimed session singer and vocal coach), the first selection of videos ‘Exploring Vocal Health’ explain how to look after the voice, how the voice works and how to keep it safe. The next, ‘Vocal Warm-up Activities’, give a series of fun yet rigorous activities to warm up vocally together. These well-presented tutorials are ideal for both non-specialist and specialist teachers.

Each song within the song bank is presented with a wealth of useful information so it is easy to see at a glance where it has originated from and how suitable it would be for particular students. Clicking on ‘listen’ opens a mini playback channel to instantly hear the track, or ‘launch’ opens the multifaceted song app with the tempo control, performance options, visual cues and loop facility.

Finding the right song for any occasion is made simple with the straightforward browse and search functions. Teachers can browse through the different collections to see what is available, perhaps for specific groups of singers, or well-known 2-part arrangements for school choirs.

The search function allows for a more targeted approach; songs for a particular age range, style of music, certain season, place in the world or time in history. It’s easy to combine more than one search criteria, for example a song for ages 5-7 about minibeasts, or a 2-part song for ages 9-11.

The star feature allows teachers to create a unique song collection which can be accessed from the top of the page with a single click on ‘My Starred Songs’. These starred songs, or any others, can be played anywhere such as the classroom, hall or at home.

The ideas and suggestions for Charanga Sing have come from teachers so we are confident that this fantastic resource will be an invaluable asset for schools. Our ambition is that Charanga Sing will help everyone to enjoy singing more, with increased understanding and even greater confidence.

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