Musical School wins prestigious award

WINNER 2015-Best Digital Technological Resource

The annual Music Teacher Awards for Excellence recognised Charanga’s Musical School programme as the Best Digital/Technological Resource 2015.

This was a long-awaited accolade for our small Brighton-based team who have worked so tirelessly to build a reputation in today’s music education market.

Musical School, the state of the art technology platform with modern pedagogically-proven content and extensive professional development strategy, was created by the exceptional Charanga team. Led by its founders and current directors Mark Burke and Paul Fletcher, the team has been able to respond in a timely, yet astute way, to the changing face of today’s musical vista.

You can learn more about what Musical School offers or take a free 30 day trial and see for yourself.

A superb music education model

In line with the National Curriculum, the Musical School primary curriculum programme, along with the CPD and Training strategy, has been created and developed to meet the needs of all primary class teachers. For some, this has meant giving confidence by providing a superb music education model and content, whilst for others offering a multitude of resources to be used flexibly and creatively.

Charanga Musical School wins Best Digital/Technological ResourcePaul Fletcher (Managing Director, third from left) and Madeleine Casson (Education Director, second from left) collecting the award.

The Musical School programme dovetails seamlessly with the Professional programme for instrumental and First Access teaching, which is used by many Music Education Hubs and in doing so encourages an integrated music experience for the young learners. Additionally, everything that the teachers use in the classroom, and much more, can be accessed online by the children, presented not in a boring ‘teacher’ way but in a gamified world encouraging them to want to keep learning.

Working closely with the leaders and visionaries

Charanga’s philosophy of working closely with the leaders and visionaries of the music education field has enabled them to play a significant role in shaping our country’s cultural heritage. Proud to be a key partner in over 80 of England’s Music Education Hubs and networks, Charanga has made sure that no schools are disadvantaged by local issues but able to access the Musical School programme directly.

There are currently 5,000 primary schools using the programme, usually on a daily basis – many from across England but with a growing number in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark and further afield.

Further information about Musical School