We are excited to announce that Charanga CREATE, part of Charanga’s award-winning Musical School programme, has been shortlisted for an Education Resources Award (ERA). The resource is a finalist in ERA’s Special Education Resource & Equipment category.


Written by Charanga’s SEND technology specialist Ben Sellers, CREATE comprises four projects; each with in-depth video and planning support to take teachers and students, step by step, through how to use iPads in creative projects. Pupils can compose, perform and record high-quality music in styles relevant to them.

From KS1 PMLD classes taking a musical tour of India to KS5 PRU pupils performing live Drum and Bass arrangements, the projects are accessible to the full range of abilities found in both special schools and alternative provision.

While only launched in June 2018, 245 schools are already using CREATE in creative projects with their students, with well over 4,000 children and young people with SEND benefiting from it.

Its launch was the culmination of a three-year project which saw Charanga, Essex Music Hub and Transformance Music collaborating with the help of funding from Youth Music to produce a resource that is building much needed additional capacity in SEND music teaching. Feedback from teachers about children’s responses to CREATE has been unanimously positive and deeply heart-warming.

“Charanga CREATE and the wider SEND/ASL section in Musical School are designed, quite simply, to help increase SEND/ASL music-teaching capacity within the workforce. By using Charanga’s technology and by drawing on a range of the most successful teaching approaches, we feel we can enable many, and hopefully all, SEND/ASL teachers, regardless of their experience, to feel confident and knowledgeable enough to start or to do more music teaching in their schools. They’ll be able to draw on a pool of shared best practice to ensure the quality of that teaching.” Mark Burke, Director and Founder, Charanga.

As always, we offer a range CPD and Training options connected to CREATE, suitable for both specialist and non-specialist teachers. Those interested can find out more by emailing send@charanga.com.

Anyone yet to try out our award-winning Musical School programme can also sign up for a no obligation, free 30-day trial. We hope you enjoy it!

This year’s ERA winners will be announced at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on 22nd March.