Charanga and Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) are to collaborate to help young people sustain their musical learning through the development of interactive Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and a new web environment supporting their progression.

The project will give young musicians the tools to be able to shape their own musical journeys. Students, and their teachers, will be able to access an ILP tailored to their needs via Charanga Yumu, a new area of Charanga’s award-winning music education platform, on multiple devices.

The project is inspired by AYM’s Furthering Talent programme, which supports students from low income families whose whole-class music lessons are coming to an end. The programme enables them to continue making music, with students receiving weekly instrumental tuition for a minimum of two years and a learning plan to support them further.

“I’ve been following AYM’s Furthering Talent programme since its launch and think the framework they’ve developed to support individualised learning is quite brilliant,” said Mark Burke, Founder and Director of Charanga. “Working together in this new partnership, I’m excited to leverage our technology, platform and reach to help scale up this potentially game-changing approach.”

Charanga and AYM will work closely with their partners, schools, music services, hubs and others to find the young people who could benefit most from the new project, and the Furthering Talent programme more broadly.

The latter will support 500 young people across 15 hubs by the end of 2020 and it is hoped this new partnership will significantly increase those numbers. Both organisations are investing in this exciting new initiative, which has also received generous funding from Youth Music and a major corporate trust.

“AYM exists to give talent a chance and we can do more by leveraging Charanga’s technology,” said Hester Cockcroft, Chief Executive at AYM. “Together we can help talented young people to pursue their ambitions to excel in making music and give them the best possible chance to flourish and grow.”

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