20-squareCharanga is today delighted to welcome Sunderland Music Hub as the 100th music education provider to join the national Charanga network of digital partnerships that is doing so much to make music education technology an accessible everyday part of music teaching and learning.

From the very beginning when Charanga started to develop music education technology for teachers, children and young people, partnership has been at the heart of how Charanga works. We have always looked at technology as being most effective in music education when directed and managed at a local level by a partner just like the Sunderland Music Hub that understands the musical needs, priorities and aspirations of the community in which they work.

Charanga began developing its online platform over 10 years ago. From the outset, whenever a local music teaching organisation (usually a Music Service or Music Hub) has decided to start using Charanga in their work, we have set them up with their own local version of the national Charanga platform. This local ‘partner’ platform not only provides them with the Charanga programmes they wish to use, but also a sophisticated user-administration system, management tools and access to all-important engagement data that helps them make the best strategic use of their investment in technology. Every new partnership that results is truly a 2-way street: the Music Service/Hub uses the Charanga technology and digital programmes to best serve local needs; Charanga makes sure the platform and programmes continually develop and grow to continue serving those needs as they evolve over time.

Charanga’s partnership model and valuing of local expertise above a one-size-fits-all approach has been one of the most important features driving forward the growth in the adoption of music education technology in the UK. The model encourages and facilitates local partner organisations to develop expertise and understanding of the important role technology can play in music education and how best to harness it in order to generate tangibly better outcomes for large numbers of children and young people. This approach makes technology accessible to everyday teachers in the mainstream of music education not just to technology enthusiasts. The fact that Charanga partners have embedded technology usage in over 6,500 schools with teachers alone (not counting the children’s usage) amassing over 1 million hours of online usage per year, is clear evidence that working in partnership is generating the greatest possible benefits.

Charanga partnerships today exist in all shapes and sizes. Some partnerships are relatively low key in that local partners get on with their work and use Charanga as appropriate across their activities without too much ‘bespoking’ of the relationship. In other areas, partnerships have become deeper strategic ones where the Charanga team works almost as an extension of the partner’s management team enabling the team to actively focus technology in areas where it can create valuable additional capacity for the partner and help them meet KPIs across the organisation.
sunderland newWhether this 100th Charanga digital partnership evolves into a light touch or strategic one, what is certain is that schools, teachers, children and young people in Sunderland will benefit from accessing great new technology through a local music hub that understands them and is there, ready and enable to provide expert help and support for all their music education needs.

Rebecca Pedlow, Manager of the Sunderland Music Education Hub comments: “We are delighted to have forged a strong partnership with Charanga that allows every Primary and Special school in Sunderland to access their award winning Musical School programme. We can see from colleagues across the region that Charanga is a valuable partner in helping teachers in schools increase their confidence delivering music in the curriculum and making the most of first access Whole Class Ensemble Tuition. We’re also really looking forward to seeing some of the positive outcomes for children through their using the Music World online learning part of the Musical School programme and hope that this encourages more children to take-up musical instrument tuition across the Local Authority.”

For further information on working strategically with Charanga please contact Mark Burke, Director of Strategic Partnerships