Music World – providing online learning and practising for children aged 7-12

Charanga Music World, launched in Autumn 2012 for beginner instrumentalists, now has 10,000 primary school children exploring the musical activities and pieces online in their homes. There were over 900,000 page views by children in November 2012.

For 24 different instruments, currently at pre-Grade 1 level, the programme enables children to make use of their computer skills and to develop their instrumental skills. Pieces have backing tracks which can be played at different tempi, there are games and quizzes, with badges awarded on completion of various musical activities.

The online programme is safe and secure.

Teachers can assign musical activities in addition to those in the programme and can also monitor the amount of practice done on the World by their pupils.

Many children are now practising more between lessons and enjoying the support it gives to their lessons. Jeff Sawdon, of Tees Valley Music Service, said of the programme: “Children are ecstatic!” Helen Briggs, Instrumental Teacher from Dudley Performing Arts, said: “As soon as the kids saw the World, they were completely engaged.”

Music World Professional – providing Instrumental Teachers with innovative resources for whole-class ensemble and small group teaching

Teachers with a licence for Charanga Music World Professional or Charanga Musical School can give their pupils access to the programme. Secondary Teachers can use the programme for Year 7 pupils. For more information, contact Colin Arenstein via email or call 01273 823900.