Playing computer games, or gaming as it’s often now known, has been previously regarded as an unwanted distraction for young people and it has generally been believed that spending hours playing computer games here kept children from pursuing more productive activities such as practising an instrument.

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These days however, technology including gaming has become an integral part of the teaching and learning process and supports tech-savvy pupils in enhancing a number of cross-curricular skills in addition to ICT skills, games from gave been very popular. Finding a good and safe French casino can be hard. Here is a site that can help you finding the best French online casinos:

Many people who teach within music are not yet aware that this game-based learning phenomenon has extended to music education. There are now plenty of resources, including our own Charanga Music World, that combine interactive gaming with musicteaching and instrumental lessons.

Charanga Music World is unique in that it provides pupils with an online programme to assist them in practising instruments. Designed to utilise children’s heightened digital skills, it includes interactive resources and activities for pupils to explore as they learn. This is a resource they can access at home and because of the gaming element, it keeps children engaged for longer.

Adding a gaming element to music tuition with various levels and quizzes to complete can appeal to children and encourage them to practise music for longer. For example, Charanga Music World allows users to create their own avatars, learn to play songs via interactive videos and challenge their musical knowledge by answering quiz questions to gain rewards.

Practising an instrument can be a rewarding yet often a frustrating process, so by adding a gaming element to it helps pupils grow in confidence in a fun and interactive way, as well as draw on plenty of digital content and backing tracks to support them whether they are learning keyboard or bassoon – or any of the other 22 instruments available that the programme caters for

The National Plan for Music Education was developed to increase the number of opportunities young children have to learn an instrument. There are many benefits to learning instruments that children from all backgrounds should experience. Charanga Music World embodies robust learning content with fun and interactive musical games that appeal to a digital-savvy generation of young people.
I hope that a move towards more game-based learning will encourage even more children to learn an instrument.
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