Primary schools across the UK will benefit from the most comprehensive new primary music resource launched in over a decade, designed to help schools deliver a rich, varied and contemporary music education.

Musical School, an ICT-supported programme for teaching music in primary schools, has been launched by Charanga to support all the different aspects of music learning and participation in primary schools. The digital music resource was developed in response to feedback from primary teachers wanting a more engaging resource to help teach curriculum music, and more contemporary musical materials particularly to help with older children who are becoming more and more musically-sophisticated.

The launch of Musical School is hot on the heels of the recent Ofsted guidance that stated, ‘ICT should be used effectively as a tool to develop musical understanding.’ In addition to units of work for curriculum music, the resource includes access to a song bank to support topic-based learning, along with courses for an assortment of classroom instruments, including recorders, ukulele, and percussion. Uniquely, Musical School provides innovative resources for whole class instrumental ensemble programmes that many schools now run in response to DFE/Arts Council funding enabling all children to have the chance to learn a musical instrument for free.

Musical School was designed to be used by both generalists who can benefit from the ready-made schemes, plans and resources as well as specialist music teachers who can handpick their favourite resources to incorporate into lesson plans. Musical School’s simple technology and rich audio-visual support can provide generalists in particular with the confidence to lead stimulating music lessons. Whereas in the past some of these teachers would have been reluctant to lead singing and musical games, now they can use the Musical School whiteboard resources to do this while they use their excellent teaching skills to ensure good musical outcomes for all children. Regardless of the degree of music specialism, all teachers can access useful guidance on national curriculum level assessment to monitor the progress of the class.

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