BBC Ten PiecesCharanga and the BBC Ten Pieces Project

If you weren’t fortunate enough to get along to a cinema to see the BBC Ten Pieces film do make sure encourage your children to see the video. With the help of many well-known faces, the animated film brings the music to life with stunning orchestral photography, a terrifying chase, spaceships and much more!

Listen & Appraise resources

To compliment the fantastic resources available from the BBC, the team at Charanga has created a familiar on-screen Listen and Appraise collection for each piece, with information about the piece and the composer, along with searching questions to help focus the children’s attention.

Use from within your Charanga programme or just from the Charanga website

Charanga is delighted to announce that, for UK users, these resources are now available both from the Charanga website and also from within Musical School, Music Coach  or Music Professional. If you are following the  Charanga Musical School Scheme you could replace one or more of the half term Units to allow time to explore the Listen and Appraise collections and to subsequently work on your own creative responses. Or you could simply use the listening resources to support regular whole-school assemblies.

Analie Hart, a primary teacher from Heron Primary School in Gloucestershire comments, “It is great to see some Charanga resources linked to Ten Pieces, my Year 5s have been loving it. Hearing the boys shout ‘Yessss! I love Beethoven’s 5th symphony !!’ when it came on the Extras programme was something I will remember for a long time :)”