VIP at BMC Panel Debate

This spring, we’ve taken part in a number of music events and education conferences – one of them being the Brighton Music Conference.

In April, Audioactive invited Max Wheeler (VIP Studio Sessions) to host a panel debate at the conference. It featured Chris Price (Head of Music at BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra); rising talent Ida Vallens (artist); Jack Stevens (SpectraSoul and AudioActive Alumni); and Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts label founder and A&R).

Amongst other topics, the panel discussed the need for the music industry to develop young artists in an era ‘where perceived success on streaming platforms is already visible from the first meeting with a label’. If labels won’t develop artists, who will? And what are the well-being implications for young artists dealing with the visible metrics of success from day one of their careers? How can we responsibly encourage young people to have a career in the industry in the current climate? All food for thought!

You can listen to the debate here:

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