Anna Meredith — Connect It

About the piece

Music wasn’t all composed hundreds of years ago. New music is being created in our time, not just in history, and composers today are experimenting with technology, new sounds and techniques. This piece of music, Connect It by Anna Meredith, goes back to the fundamentals of using our own bodies for sound and movement. No instruments were used as the idea was to create musical patterns with our voices. Rhythm is energy passed from one person to another creating patterns; cogs and spokes with a large group working together.

The musical effect of a variety of rhythmic sounds and movements being passed between performers is known as a canon. A canon is where two or more instruments, voices or sounds play the same music, but starting at different times. A human orchestra is created – music is a living art form that we can all be part of.

About the composer

Anna Meredith is a young Scottish composer who writes electronic and acoustic music. She likes to work with orchestras, bands and choreographers to create music that uses clapping, stamping, shouting and beatboxing instead of instruments. She has performed at music festivals and her music has been played on BBC Radio 1.

Anna Meredith on the Ten Pieces website

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