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This web browser is not compatible with our platform. Please upgrade to one of the recommended browsers below.
This web browser is compatible with our platform. It does not need to be upgraded. Please check any other devices that you use for Charanga.

Adobe Flash Player Discontinued

Many educational resources have historically relied on an older technology called Flash. While it never worked on iPads, Flash was discontinued on 31 December 2020 – at which point all web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Safari) and Adobe themselves, stopped supporting it.

Our response

For the last couple of years, we’ve been hard at work making sure that our most popular and widely-used resources work now that Flash no longer does. This includes all materials in the Musical School Scheme, and you’ll find our compatibility roadmap below.

Browser upgrade?

In order to use our new and upgraded resources, you may need to upgrade to a modern web browser — see the banner at the top of this page.

This is quick and easy to do, and free. You, or your IT support team, may simply need to update the browser you already use or install a new one. We recommend using Google Chrome because it works on both PC and Mac, desktop or laptop.

Why you need a modern web browser

Resources that depended upon Flash no longer work. Therefore, all of our new resources use modern multimedia technologies, and those that don’t, have been or are being upgraded.

Our compatibility roadmap

January–February 2021

Having already made tens of thousands of resources "Flash-free"...

All of the resources in Musical School, including all those in Scheme, now run without Flash.

Our popular Djembe course has been refreshed and re-released in response to your feedback.

New versions of Musitrax Sing 1 and Musitrax Sing 2 are now available.

A number of older or rarely-used materials have been archived and removed from the platform to make way for new collections.

March–April 2021

All remaining Flash-dependent resources were removed from our platform at midnight on Friday 12th March.

May onwards

New collections and content will be added to the platform.

Need help?

See Adobe's Flash Player information page.

You can also reach our CPD & Training team at training@charanga.com.

Further updates will be published in our termly newsletters, and on our social media and news pages.

Recommended Browsers

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For Windows and Mac users

Google Chrome automatically keeps up to date. It is also quick and easy to install. More information about Google Chrome.

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Tablet users

On iPad, Safari (on iOS 11 or higher) is fine, as is Chrome on Android. We recommend turning on automatic updates in settings. You do not need to install another web browser.

Other options

Any modern browser that is kept up to date will work just fine. Other browsers that are compatible include Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not compatible and will not be supported.